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Arroyo City/Port Isabel Fishing Report

By: Capt. Ernest Cisneros

April 3, 2006 - The springs winds are in full force therefore making fishing a little tough on artificials. We have been targeting waist deep potholes, areas with turtle grass that contain small crabs, and the sand on the east side. Fish seem to be scattered for the most part but there are a few areas where they are holding in fair numbers. Look for schools of mullet in semi discolored water and work a gold spoon around these areas. Reds are not making mud boils so that tells me they are on the move which is good when your sight casting to them. Other top baits this where the new Texas Tackle Factory minnow bait in pumpkin seed/chart and she-pups in the bone color. The winds are predicted to lay down some so fishing should start improving. Here are a few photos of recent trips. Great people and a wonderful time makes it all worthwhile.

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Capt. Ernest Cisneros… “Da’ Snook Man”
By: Andy Hickman

Arroyo City/Port Isabel - We spent the better part of last week on SPI and had a great time except for the howling winds on Wednesday and Friday. Thursday was one of those rare days that is as close to perfect as you can get. The wind died, the skies were clear, there was a slight breeze and all was good . I had The chance to meet with Spooney Bill and Jack Barton for lunch at a little soup shop on the main drag in Port Isabel. The food was good and the bill was more than ole’ Spooney had expected. Sometimes getting more than you expected is a good thing but not when it is in reference to the food bill. OK enough of that. The next thing was a few calls and then I was to meet one of the best Snook fishermen in the SPI/ Port Isabel area. I met Capt. Ernest Cisneros early in the afternoon and we made a quick run to one of his favorite Snook places. I was sworn to secrecy but I can show a picture. Capt. Ernest, in addition to being a super guy, is a heck of a Snook fisherman.

Certain people have their own set of talents and Capt. Ernest Cisneros’ talents include people and Snook. His Snook talents are superb. I haven’t enjoyed a fishing trip any more than I did that one and to be in the presence of this quite but knowing man was a real relaxing pleasure for me. Thanks Ernest , you are “DA Snook Man”.

We’re not showing ya’ll everything!!!!

Snook Fishing Video

Capt. Ernest Cisneros grew up fishing the Lower Laguna Madre since childhood. His vast knowledge of the area combined with his B.S. degree in Education and Biology will leave you with a greater knowledge of the diverse habitat of the Laguna Madre . In 2002 , he formed the first Fishers of Men fishing tournament in the local area, which has gotten bigger and better every year. Capt. Cisneros prides himself in having a strong sense of conservation and much of his experience has been acquired by spending many hours and days along the Lower Texas Coast




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