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Keith Fussell of Raven Reels

Safety and maintenance have to be two of the most important factors for any person that is venturing out to enjoy the great outdoors. We hope to bring to this section of our publication, information that is truly useful to the experienced outdoorsman or the “greenhorn”. Good maintenance of equipment and vehicles can be the best guarantee for an “incident” free outing. We will be including new ideas and products that can help you enjoy your outing to it’s fullest. We hope to share some tips from good professionals and also have them contribute articles concerning things you have serious questions about. We will welcome interaction with these professionals on our forum board.

Keith Fussell with Raven Reels in San Antonio, Texas is one professional that can help when it comes to the maintenance and preservation of your rods and reels. Most of us are diligent and tend to the job of cleaning things up after we’ve been fishing, but sometimes we fail to attend to everything we need to and there are times a little help is necessary. There is also a certain amount of attrition due to everyday use that creates the need for repairs and Keith is the man that can cover all your needs in this area.

Keith can be contacted at:

660 S.W. Military Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78221

210-924-6999 shop
210-834-5909 cell


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